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I thought my husband may have issues with it but considering what we spent on laundry supplies, water, and time it is well worth it! Not to mention they do a better job at laundry than me! The way it works with KC Fluff-N-Fold Laundry Service is through a simple phone call. The new website details each city in which they provide services. The company offers laundry services to homeowners and businesses in the Johnson County area. Consumers and businesses have been using wash and fold laundry services for hundreds of years for the reason that some people would rather not do their own laundry or they just don't have the time because of career concerns. I was determined there had to be a better solution. The time that is spent sorting the laundry, loading the washer, moving the clothes to the dryer, and then folding the clothes when they are dry ads up very quickly. Two years later, I am using the service on a regular basis. We wash, dry, and fold (or hang) your water washables, including your clothing, bedding, and towels. "I love this service! Honestly, I only planned on using it once because my son was sick and I was so behind on laundry. The clothing is separated, washed, and dried according to the manufacturer's tagged directions which helps cut down on the fabric's wear and tear. Overland Park, Kansas - KC Fluff-N-Fold Laundry Service, an Overland Park wash and fold laundry service, today announced the business launched a new website to help customers find their service area for pickup and delivery services. Having someone else sort, wash, and fold laundry, along with any of the other services that are offered by the company, can save consumers and businesses a lot of time, especially if the homeowner does not own a washer and dryer set at home. I am so thankful for this service! - Kimberly What sets KC Fluff-N-Fold Laundry Service apart from its competitors is that the business offers specialized care for items that require it, such as flat drying sweaters, and they take extra precautions with special wear items by placing them on hangers in order to maintain the fabric's integrity. Once a customer calls the business, a driver is dispatched to the customer's location to pick China IFR Sheer Curtain Fabric For Sale up the soiled, unsorted laundry and take it back to the facility where it is sorted, washed and folded. With a little research I found this service and (Mark) I thought to myself I would use it only when I needed to get caught up. Whether you need your laundry done once after a particularly long week, or you would like to reduce your weekly burden, we are here to help you. We are a pickup and delivery laundry service that has been serving the Johnson County area for the past three years. Considering I was sick the month before and I remember how I recovered from my laundry problems that time (the Laundromat) no one enjoys spending their entire day, tons of money, and all their energy loading and unloading laundry.
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